Music Affects Plants’ Growth

Did you ever hear that playing music could help plants grow faster and healthier? Plants can reduce pollution in the air and they are good for the environment. You could learn how to repot ZZ plant, and how to repot ZZ plant is a piece of cake. This article focuses on how music affects plants’ growth.

Can Music Affect Plants’ Growth

Believe it or not, many studies have shown that music could promote plants to grow faster and healthier. A greenhouse owner in Colorado had experimented with several kinds of plants and different genres of music, and she determined that the plants grew better when listening to the classical music while the plants deteriorated fast and died in a couple of weeks when exposing to the rock music.

A researcher in Illinois who was doubtful that plants could respond to music positively also engaged in several highly controlled greenhouse experiments. He surprisingly found out that the corn and soy plants grew greener and thicker with significantly larger yields after exposure to music. The researchers at a university in Canada also discovered that the yields of wheat corps almost doubled after exposure to the high-frequency vibrations of music.

How Does Music Promote Plants’ Growth

When music affects plants to grow, it appears that the effect is not so much coming from the “sounds” of music, but it is more coming from the vibrations produced by the sound waves of music. In other words, the vibrations by the sound waves of music create the movements in the cells of plants, and they stimulate the plants to generate more nutrients and grow faster and healthier. On the other hand, the vibrations created by the loud rock music produce a greater pressure that is otherwise not conducive for plants to grow.