Top 10 Classic Rock Bands of All Time

Rock and roll is a music genre that was born in South America, in the 1950s. It was characterized by a unique style of music and became popular in the entire country and the world at large. As time went by, various bands emerged, the genre became even more popular, and each band was determined to take rock music to new heights. Even though some bands disintegrated and their members went on to pursue professional solo rock careers, their artistic contribution to the success of these bands cannot be forgotten. With that said, below are the top classic rock bands of all time.

The Beatles

This band was known for its great influence on the history of rock music and the general growth of the genre. Their enormous record sales, estimated to be well more than a billion, definitely made The Beatles band one of the greatest.

Pink Floyd

The Pink Floyd band is known to have played a pioneering role in incorporating fireworks and light shows in live performances. Having sold at least 200 million albums, Pink Floyd reached heights that not many bands could reach.

The Who

This was a British band famed for their innovative music culture. They were a fashionable band who always wore the Union Jack on their attires. In 1964, the band smashed a guitar and joined the Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 50 Moments that defined Rock ’n’ Roll’s history, when they performed at the Railway Hotel.

Rolling Stones

Since its formation in 1961, the Rolling Stones is on record as the most durable classic band. The band redefined various genres, including R&B, folk, country, American blues, and rock, giving birth to some of the most exciting rock and roll music pieces.


Like the Rolling Stones, the Eagles is just another longest-serving rock band. With over 38 million sold copies, their 1976 album surpassed Thriller (Michael Jackson’s album) as the all-time best selling album, in 2018.

Grateful Dead

They are one of the first flower power bands in San Francisco. They created the concept of the jam band. Their fans still love them despite their 1995 disintegration.

Jefferson Airplane

This band was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Their best hit was the White Rabbit, whose theme revolved around drug use. They were well-known for pioneering the psychedelic genre of rock music.

The Doors

This band had a short lifespan, despite the fact that they were popular and extremely influential in society. Their lead singer, Jim Morrison, is still considered by many people as the most charismatic of rock and roll artists.

Moody Blues

This psychedelic group is known for its unique and long tunes, such as Tuesday Afternoon and Nights in White Satin. They have had tours and made records from 1964.