Music Featuring Glass

Music has long been associated with glass since when you consider such songs as “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, anyone can understand what a glass heart depicts. It represents the frailty of human emotions and feelings. This is further illustrated by “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass,” which was featured in the film of a similar name “Breaking Glass”. Nick Lowe sings about loving the sound of breaking glass, which symbolizes loneliness and destruction. Glass is also a feature of everyday life and an extensive range is offered by Royal Design featuring iittala, a Helsinki-based glassware company founded in 1881. However, the company has now extended its design capacity to home decor, cookware and tableware. This extensive range of luxury designer goods is featured on the Royal Design site.

Goods From iittala Sold by Royal Design

The range of products from this Finnish company are as follow:

  • Bowls and platters
  • Bedroom textiles
  • Cutlery
  • Bathroom textiles
  • Glasses
  • Candleholders and candlesticks
  • Mugs and cups
  • Pots and pans
  • Kitchenware

The Royal Design site features many more products, so look to find what you are searching for. The series of product ranges are variously named:

  • Kartio
  • Essence
  • Alvar Aalto
  • Aino Aalto
  • Artik
  • Citterio 98
  • Essence
  • Kartio and
  • Gaisso

You can have a lot of fun collecting different designer goods from a specific product range or just buy the perfect accessory for your home or office.

Products by iillala

These products are exclusively designed by Iittala using the finest quality materials from glass to steel to concrete to linen, oak, and porcelain. These products are made to please even the most discerning follower of fashion and elegance. Whatever style you require or material you need, you are sure to find what you are looking for on the Royal Design website. Many glass drinking vessels are available such as the Ultima Thule Beer Glass, the Lempi Drinking Glasses, and the Essence Red Wine Glasses. Such products may even inspire you to write a song about glass or alcohol. They would undoubtedly be a suitable accompaniment to a music party featuring your favorite melodies and tunes. All of the iittala products are featured on this site and would make a stylish and elegant gift for your friends, workmates, or loved ones.


Products by iittala are unique and designed by the best European artisans. Made of the finest quality materials and built for stylish practicality, these items are sure to last for years to come. Whatever your taste and desire, you can visit the Royal Design site to view the extensive range of goods available. Whether you are a music lover or not, this range of quality additions to your surroundings will be sure to enhance the decor and maybe provide you with some musical inspiration.