Enjoying Music Concerts

Going to a live music event is a great way to support performers, singers and bands. It also allows patrons to mingle with other people who share the same tastes in music genres. Every year the UK hosts thousands of organised live music events both big and small. To get the most out of a concert, it is worth considering several things before going.

Sitting or Standing

The majority of venues will separate their audience spaces into two options; sitting and standing. The sitting area tends to be further away from the stage. The great thing about it is that spectators do not have to stand around the whole time. It is much more relaxing. However, the standing area will get audience members closer to the performer. It has a much more communal and energetic atmosphere.

Clothes to Wear

Most of the time, it is best to wear light clothing which lets air in. This is because the venue will likely get warm with all the people located in one place. However, for open-air venues, weatherproof gear may need to be worn instead. The daily forecast will give a good indication of what clothes are appropriate for the concert.

Being Aware of Health

While concerts are enjoyable, they also have potential health hazards. The biggest one is hearing loss from prolonged exposure to loud noise. If concertgoers suffer from epilepsy, then they should check that the staging does not feature lighting which could trigger fits. If people are actually concerned about the potential health effects of concerts, they should discuss it with a doctor.

Staying Hydrated

It is worth bringing a bottle of water into the gig or purchasing a non-alcoholic drink from the bar. Doing so will help to prevent dehydration. People who are in the standing area and dance a lot will be more susceptible. Early signs of dehydration include thirstiness, a dry mouth, dizziness and headaches.


It is fun to take pictures during a concert. This allows people to relive their memories of the event. A lot of concertgoers like to upload these images onto social media. However, some venues have strict rules when it comes to photography. They may confiscate DSLR cameras for the duration of the gig. For this reason, it is best to research the rules and policies of the concert venue beforehand.


Just because a band appears to have finished their set does not necessarily mean it is time to leave. Once the applause has settled down, it is common for musicians to perform additional songs. This is known as an encore.